Over the years, we have had plenty of feedback from those that have taken part in the National Speed Mooting Competition. Please see below some of the testimonials about the competition. 

Liam Ainscough, Law Lecturer, University of Bolton

The events I attended were insightful to the industry and mooting was fun and informative at the same time. I would highly recommend that undergraduate students attend the annual moot to not only increase their confidence, but to obtain skills that are desirable in practise. The NSMC team always provide more than enough information and the event is similar to the working paradigm of a barrister. As an academic, I always recommend the event to students.

Dr Thomas Webber, Programme Leader for Law, University of Winchester

THANK YOU for setting this up. I think it is absolutely brilliant and just what legal education needs! I know when I was a student, something like this would have really encouraged me to keep mooting!

AT, 2019 Competitor

Only good things to say really! Thought the organisation, both of the whole event but also on the day in particular, was excellent. It all ran like clock work, which as a participant really helped with momentum as you progressed through the rounds. Blown away by the range of lawyers ( solicitors, barristers, academics) who were willing to give up their entire Saturday and judge us, and they really engaged with that role as well, the feedback was detailed and incredibly helpful. Finally the competition itself was played out in a great spirit and there was a real sense of camaraderie amongst all the mooters, which really added to the day. I’ll definitely be back next year! 

EB, 2019 Competitor

I would just like to say that I had a fantastic time on Saturday; everything from the activities, to the structure, to the people was excellent. 
As a first time mooter the experience that I gained and the tips and tricks that were passed on from both the professionals and other fellow mooters was priceless. 
An absolutely amazing experience and I am looking forward to returning next year to try out my newly attained skills 🙂

HY, 2018 Competitor

It was a very nicely organised competition and a good networking event with many useful things to learn, from the moots to Q & A sessions.

DT, 2018 Competitor

This was my first experience of mooting and a great introduction. Getting the bundle and the skeletons the night before meant it was an intense 24 hours, but without having to worry about research and preparing a bundle, all the focus could be on the delivery side. Throughout the day, a range of barrister judges gave constructive feedback, including practical things that could be applied half an hour later in the next round. It was great to get so much feedback from so many different professionals, and to have the chance to meet and compete against law students from across the country. Definitely a worthwhile experience, and a brilliant thing to put in applications!

SS, 2018 Competitor

The competition was fantastic and the Q&A was in fact one of the best parts of the day as it was so incredibly useful – the panellists were phenomenal.

HY, 2018 Competitor

The feedback from the Barristers was by far the biggest highlight of the day, and having the opportunity to practice advocacy in front of them was greatly appreciated. 
I greatly appreciated the opportunity to develop my advocacy skills; whilst I also enjoyed being able to meet and learn from other, more experienced law students, as well as the judges themselves.

MB, 2017 and 2019 Competitor

It’s such a great learning experience, the judges gave me constructive feedback after each round, and the advice I was given by the judges in the round I was eliminated during the Quarter Finals was game-changing on how to deal with issues on grounds you were never going to win on, but still need to follow your instructions. 
When I participated in the competition first in 2017, I felt like Bambi learning to walk. It was my first experience in mooting. Being able to sign up individually and attend rather than have to hope you get selected for a team with the traditional external mooting competitions really makes the competition excellent – you just need to sign up before its closed and you’re on. So returning in 2019, after using the Speed Moot as the foundation for my mooting experience and being able to see how far I’ve come, and how far there is still to go, against people from all over the World (surprising amount of international students were there) with so many different approaches and styles you can learn from is what truly makes the Speed Moot stand out as the crown jewel of the mooting season to me. 
People seem put off by the idea of getting the brief the day before, however they should be put at ease in my opinion – it’s just long enough to be a challenge, but not too long as to be difficult to put together a good argument for both sides. That, to my mind, shows the skill and experience of the organiser in pitching the event to the undergraduate stage. It’s also useful to see how you cope with such a last minute rush for entering Law professionally. Great opportunity to make some mistakes you can learn from, and get constructive feedback every step of the way to strengthen your skills and work habits. 

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